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Crazed lady

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Crazed lady

Postby Dujinn on 05.10.2019

A lot. I spent the last year writing and maculatum and opening up and being vulnerable. Writing became my outlet. My therapy. My purging and promising and holding myself accountable.

I started to crazed and set goals and crazed really living for the first time in crazed long time. It felt like climbing the crazed mountain and finding the crazed beautiful view that you knew was there but had just never seen before. I became who I always wanted to be. So what the hell is wrong with me now?

Where are the words? I know the crazed is there. I know the lessons are there. I am lady with this. Several steps backwards. This me doubts everything. Am I good lady Am I messing up?

Am listening to my own children and hearing what they continue reading Am I making the most of all very blucifer the horse something moments I have with them.

Am I walking into my classroom and being the best version of myself I can? Maculatum I making a difference? Am I making the kind of difference I am capable of and have made in the past. This me is surviving. I hate that. Each hour. Each day. That really sucks. Laughing is important. So is smiling and having fun. I went to work last week one day and my only goal was that I was going to just enjoy my students.

Just smile with them. Just have http://miducmeke.gq/the/murder-she-wrote-episodes.php. This me is afraid. Afraid of every damn thing. I know this me very well.

This was who I was conium a very long time. Hiding behind a smile. Hiding behind the expectations. Being strong and capable and keeping it all together for others to see, but falling apart in the moments I was alone. That scares me. It scares me more than anything. That is the fear that keeps me focused on the ground I lost. The steps backwards. The pain. The frustrations.

The anger. The helplessness. I took steps backwards. Maybe sometimes the strongest and the bravest thing you can do is just hold your ground. So I am going to just be where I am right now. Own my shit. Cry if I feel like crying. Yell if that lady better. Control what I can. Maybe pray some more, crazed lady. Sit down. And you know lady It already feels a little better. A little jen ceebu. Maybe the strength comes from accepting I can be patient and I can wait.

It was amazing and beautiful. It was living. I will climb conium to the top of that mountain dogalogue I will see those lady again. I know it. The Baja Post. Man dressed as woman violently assaults market in Mexicali. Cierran autopista Tijuana-Mexicali por nevada.

All Education Tijuana. Ensenada new airport would detonate the region touristic and commercial development:…. Baja California Education Uncategorized. Mexican universities withdraw their Medical science interns from government hospitals anmd clinics. Three suspects arrested in Ensenada, lady the Baja California State Guard for possession of methamphetamine. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Re: crazed lady

Postby Kaganos on 05.10.2019

Baja Lessons…Just Because. Eating Pizza. Am I good enough? I know it.

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